Wednesday, January 25, 2006


The conservative revolution may be dead on PBS, but FOX NEWS CHANNEL has obviously listened to my pleas. Paul Gigot, and the WSJ Editorial Report have resurfaced at 11 PM on Sat. nights, with a repeat at 6AM Sun. (story)

Much like the liberal I used to be, I am not satisfied with that. FOX must make this show available to their broadcast audience, meaning those of us without cable. I say bring the Beltway Boys as well, and make it a 2 hour block with FOX NEWS SUNDAY on the FOX broadcast network every Sunday morning!

The commercials affected the time alotted to the panelists, and it seemed to show in their debut on FoxNews. I'm sure that they will get used to the new time constraints as they continue. This show has the potential to be the free-market equivalent of the 1970's MacNeil/Lehrer Report, which lives on as The News Hour with Jim Lehrer to this day on PBS.

Dan is the man. I can't even remember his last name, but his smirking face is etched in stone in my mind, as he gives the most sensible analyses available on TV, or elsewhere.

The same goes for Kim, my other favorite on the show. She may not have Dan's smirk, but she has the same good sense that I have come to expect from all of the people on this program. Bravo to you all, and here's hoping for greater viewership! You provide true public-service programming.

I get a kick out of the news reports labeling this program "conservative." I have not once heard PBS' NOW program labeled as "liberal," except in programs that investigate that subject. Speaking of which, maybe there is room for FOX NEWS' Media Watch show on the broadcast network, if they get rid of Neil and Jane...-JUST KIDDING! (I only wrote that because I know that they would disagree with me, and I didn't include their show in my Sunday "fantasy" lineup)

Even funnier is the last line of the news link: "Fox News Channel called the show interesting and well-produced, and likely to draw affluent viewers to the network." I think it may have a wider appeal, as noted in my last post about it.

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