Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Sen. John Kerry, and other Democrats are trying to use Osama Bin Laden to claim that Pres. Bush is soft on national security. I can't say how many times I have heard Kerry say "Tora Bora," and how we "outsourced" that battle. They go on to say that Osama's capture should be the war on terror's focus, not Iraq.

I am curious to know what they would suggest. Bin Laden is supposedly hiding in Pakistan, and that government will not let us invade their country to look for him. There is a reason why Waziristan is an "autonomous" reigon of Pakistan. The government has never been able to exercise authority there. This is why the "rule of law" in this reigon is created by local tribal councils. Any attempt at a large scale invasion of Waziristan by the Pakistan government might cause a civil war in that nuclear nation. Allowing US troops to invade might have the same result. One only has to look at the reaction to the recent missile attack in that reigon, which got 4 terrorists (though missing Al Zawahri, the intended target), to see the truth of this.

So remember, when you hear Kerry, or Hillary, or any of the other wanna-be Dem Presidential candidates say "Osama should be our number one target," that he is. None of them have a plan to capture Bin Laden, unless they propose invading a nation with nuclear weapons.

In other news, everyone favorite elitist called for a fillibuster of Judge Alito from Davos, Switzerland. This takes the cake. John F. Kerry needs to release his full military records, and explain why he won't collaborate with the terrorists, as he did with the North Vietnamese over 30 years ago.

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