Thursday, June 15, 2006


Crossposted from NEXTLEAV, and linked at ASSORTED BABBLE BY SUZIE. The latest of my TALES FROM THE VENDOME.

I don't know exactly what posessed us, but I suppose it was all of the domestic terrorism in the '60's that we grew up watching on TV, if I was to blame it on something other than ourselves. We had a copy of "Steal This Book," by Abbie Hoffman, when I was in my pre-teen formative years. This book is another convenient scapegoat for my young, impressionable mind. Our parents didn't know half of our subversive tendencies.


One day, we decided to see what would happen if we called a bomb threat to the bank on the corner of 72nd & Columbus Ave. We looked up their number, and called them, disguising our voices with some cloth over the phone. Sure enough, within 20 minutes or so, there were police in the street outside our window, which faced the bank. If you've read some of my other Tales, you can guess what we did next: We egged their cop-cars from the roof! This time I was actually worried about hitting, and hurting a cop. We only took one egg each, though, and ran back downstairs to watch the cops looking up at our rooftop. We didn't even hide, because everybody was watching out of their windows.

The point here is that, at age 11 or so, I grasped the potential for asymetrical warfare in our free society that many well-educated idiots in the government, as well as the MSM still haven't! Thank God that I didn't stay on the radical course that I embraced in my youth. This was one of the worst of my childhood pranks, but it shows that you don't have to be too smart to outsmart an inept bureaucracy. We were never caught, in those pre-caller ID days. We never did it again, though we often joked about doing it again, when we were bored. This would always elicit laughter, and the re-telling of the story to anyone who wasn't there.

Carrying on the tradition, I hope you can laugh at this.

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Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

I remember some guys back when... late 60's or early 70's calling in a bomb threat at the school. Unfortunately though, we had to get under the desk instead of being released to get out of class. (LOL)

What an amazing story!!! It reminded me of the experience that I mentioned and how boys use to be like on Andy Griffith Show. (LOL) Always being mischievous!!
Thanks for the links....(smiling)