Thursday, June 08, 2006


I'm taking the opportunity of this week's STOP THE ACLU Blogburst to republish my edits to an NYCLU email form letter, first published back in April. I originally published both their version, and my edited version. For the record, here is what I emailed to my elected representatives:

Immigration reform should not punish individuals who come to this country legally seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Rather, immigration reform must be consistent with American values, primarily obeying the law and customs of our nation. I ask you to support any immigration bill that contains the following provisions:

Section 202 - The indefinite detention (possibly for their entire lives) of undocumented immigrants who cannot be returned to their countries of origin, if they are legally determined to be a danger to society.

Section 231 - The expansion of the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database to include data on millions of immigrants who are here illegaly. Police who use the NCIC database must be charged with enforcing federal immigration laws. Illegal immigrants will be discouraged from seeking government services, unless they comply with the guest worker program.

Section 301 - Requiring employers to verify the employment eligibility of all citizens, lawful permanent residents and visa holders. Congress must make it a crime to knowingly not enforce these laws, or to COERCE their non-enforcement.

Sections 701 and 707 - Stripping the U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal of their jurisdiction to hear immigration appeals and requiring that all appeals be sent to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington, DC. Repeat illegal immigrants should be deported with as little involvement by the judiciary branch as possible.

We need a reasonable bill from the Senate, not an unrealistic bill based on pro-illegal immigrant sentiment.

UPDATE: We didn't get a reasonable bill from the Senate, so now it's up to the House to hold fast to the points outlined in this post, for starters. If they cave on this, we've all been fooled again.

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