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ACLU Encouraged by U.N. Questioning of U.S. Government

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ACLU Website:

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND -- A United Nations human rights body expressed
grave concerns today about the record of human rights in the United States. The
American Civil Liberties Union with a delegation of 10 and working with a broad
coalition of other groups is in Geneva to monitor the examination of the United
States the U.N. Human Rights Committee (HRC).

In a two-day session that concluded today, the committee members pressured the
United States for answers on the following issues:

The sentencing of children to life without parole and the disproportionate
incarceration of minorities;
The militarization of the border;
The failure to prevent human rights violations and respond in a non
discriminatory manner to Hurricane Katrina;
The failure to end racial profiling practices, specifically the profiling of South Asian
convenience store employees in Georgia;
Warrantless spying on ordinary Americans;
The abuse of women in prison; and
The indefinite detention, rendition and torture of non-citizens.

“The U.S. should be ashamed of itself,” said Ann Beeson, Director of the ACLU’s
Human Rights Program. “The review by the Human Rights Committee was a stark and
all too accurate condemnation of the state of rights in America.”

No, the ACLU should be ashamed of itself. The review by the Human Rights
Committee which includes member states Cuba, Saudi Arabia and China ,and
ensures that violaters are included, is a joke and nowhere near

Jim Hoft has covered this well.

Religious persecutors, Womens Rights violators, Communist Regimes, and illegal organ harvesters will make up the new UN Human Rights Council.

And this is the organization that the ACLU want to hold the U.S. accountable to?
The ACLU, and the U.N. are the two most dangerous organizations in the world. They are both
seeking to destroy America’s credibility and soverignty. The U.N. are a corrupt
joke when it comes to human rights, and they have absolutely zero credibility to
make any judgement on America in that area.

The ACLU, who provided the list called "Dimming the
Beacon of Freedom", to this corrupt organization that can't even clean up its
own human rights violations are an embarrassement to this great nation. It is
shameful that their list included our efforts to spy on the enemy, protect our
borders, and several other accusations without evidence. I also wonder if their
accusation to "abuse" of women in prison would be not providing them
with abortions at the expense of taxpayers.

Besides the issues within our own judicial system and its decay, the ACLU is
also turning to international sources to undermine our nation's sovereignty and
national security.

For instance, the ACLU filed a formal complaint with the United
Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention against the United States, stating
that the United States violated international law when it detained 765 Arab
Americans and Muslims for security reasons after the September 11, 2001,
terrorist attack on our nation. Eventually, 478 were deported. ACLU Executive
Director Anthony Romero said, "With today's action, we are sending a strong
message of solidarity to advocates in other countries who have decried the
impact of U.S. policies on the human rights of their citizens. We are filing
this complaint before the United Nations to ensure that U.S. policies and
practices reflect not just domestic constitutional standards, but accepted
international human rights principles regarding liberty and its deprivations." Source

Romero, of course, makes the United States sound like some rogue nation with no
regard for human rights, not the beacon of liberty that so many have come to
escaping from tyranny and the bonds of oppression.

All of this should concern you. You may think that it doesn't directly affect
you in your everyday life, but it will eventually. The ACLU's embrace of
international law seeks to hypocritically do the opposite of what the ACLU claim
to protect, and the Constitution forbids; prohibit the free exercise of

In spring 2003, a group from the United Nations Human Rights
Commission, of which former ACLU officials Paul Hoffman and John Shattuck are a
part, met and discussed a resolution to add "sexual orientation" to the UNHRC's
discrimination list. Homosexual activists at the meeting called for a "showdown
with religion," clearly intending to use international law to silence religious speech that does not affirm homosexual behavior. Source

The ACLU's actions are a direct threat to our very freedom of speech, religious
exercise, security, and soverignity. In some countries, laws are being pushed,
and in some cases, enacted that essentially criminalize forms of religious
speech and activity that does not affirm homosexual behavior.

If we are going to turn the interpretation of our laws to international
jurisprudence, and decisions of foreign courts, judges, and legislatures, the
question begs...why did we fight a war of independence? If the ACLU are
successful in their agenda for international law, the Declaration of
Independence and the U.S. Constitution will eventually become irrelevant
documents. More and more of America's freedoms, and our very soverignty will be
sacrificed for international law. Our freedoms will vanish. The ACLU's vision
of freedom that includes the public sale of child pornography, the silencing of
churchs and ministries, and unlimited abortion and euthanasia will replace them.
To many Americans, these sound more like human rights violations than anything
on the ACLU's list.

On October 27, 1787, Alexander Hamilton predicted that a “dangerous ambition”
would one day tyrannize the gangling young American Republic, all the while
lurking “behind the specious mask of zeal for the rights of the people.” It
could almost be said that Hamilton had a prophecy of the ACLU.

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