Tuesday, July 11, 2006


To: HAMAS in the PA

cc: Mahmoud Abbas, and FATAH

Re: Release Cpl. Gilad Shalit

End all hostilites in Gaza. It is within your power. Release Cpl. Shalit, and stop the rockets from raining over the border with Israel. Is Palestine to be a martyr nation, killed before it has a chance to be born? Whose bidding do you serve, to destroy your own people so? The holding of hostages is prohibited, under Geneva, and most legal systems in the world.

The polls say that the Palestinian people support this terrorist act. I see this as a product of over 20 years of brainwashing, not as any shred of legitimacy to your actions. We in the US are not going to sit by, as you try to get public opinion against Israel over the arrest of Hamas legislators. The old game is over, and you can no longer compare a terrorist kidnapping with legitimate arrests.

You have the power to coexist peacefully in your hands. If you can supress the terrorists in your midst, and free Cpl. Shalit, the suffering you bring will end. I have a question, as well: "Is it too late; can Palestinians accept Israel's existence?" Palestine will never officialy "exist" until a majority of Palestinians can do that, and elect people who can admit it openly.

That's a long road, but you have to take the first step. Release Cpl. Shalit, please.You have enough problems without this. Turn against your foreign masters, and join the international community by rejecting these terrorist methods!

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