Thursday, July 13, 2006


Alright, I'm going to tie this all together. North Korea is tied to Iran, who pulls strings in Syria, who controls elements in Hamas, with more Iranian control over Hezbollah. Kim Jong "Ill" needs to get off of the World stage right now. The Palestinians are meat in the grinder for the terror masters' political distraction. In fact, I will predict that North Korea will not launch another missile, anytime soon. The rest is pure "conspiracy theory" conjecture.

The truth is that I question the timing of the newest attack on Israel, by Hezbollah. The relationships I mention above are facts. Would they risk war with Israel to help North Korea? Kim is the most likely avenue for a terrorist to get a nuclear weapon; more than Iran, China, or Russia. They may be willing to risk much for the potential levelling of a Western city.

(I think back, to the '93 WTC bombing. Shortly after his conviction, the the militant Islamist and blind cleric Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman said to the man who would become the WTC's head of security weeks before 9/11, and died there that day (I paraphrase): "They will come down. Enough time and money, and they will come down." This is why I take terrorism so seriously.)

Why would Hezbollah launch this new attack? Perhaps to try the old trick of stirring up anti-Israeli serntiment in Lebanon, perhaps starting another civil war there? Didn't they just do that to the PA? Is there no end to the repetitions of this behavior? The terror masters are thugs, who care nothing for those they use to further their ends.

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