Thursday, March 29, 2007

Columbia U. "Minuteman Attack" Thugs Get Off: Business as Usual...

The word is out: radical thugs control the Columbia University president's office today, as much as they did in the 1969 riots. The tradition continues. Pres. Lee Bollinger has played his part, disregarding a fundamental crime against speech. He is all but complicit in it, at this point.

What crime? What thugs? -You may ask. Well, it all started when the Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist was invited to speak at Columbia University, by the College Republicans (those darn troublemakers!). The head of the school's "Chicano Caucus," Karina Garcia, among others, didn't want that to happen. (source)

They organized a "protest" against Mr. Gilchrist, which amounted to storming on the stage as he began to speak, and attempting to unfurl a banner across the stage. When security tried to stop them, they violently resisted, along with elements from the crowd.

Mr. Gilchrist was not allowed to finish his speech. This kind of behavior is intolerable, and would never be tolerated toward a liberal speaker, however controversial. Was this attack on Mr. Gilchrist covertly "sanctioned" by the faculty, or administration? You tell me:

Columbia has not yet meted out punishment to seven identified students who rushed the stage. It has charged them with a minor violation, according to the NY Post. They also cite anonymous sources, who say "Even the mention of the misbehavior will be stricken from their transcripts if they don't get into any more trouble."

This is a gross miscarriage of justice. See my first two posts on this subject:

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Business as usual, for the liberal elite...

There are those who call Mr. Gilchrist, and the Minuteman Project group "racist, bigoted," and "hateful." I have found the same hate, bigotry, and racism in the opponents of the Minutemen. This is what Columbia has chosen to "tolerate."

This was basically a "set up." Columbia decides the "terms of speech" on their "private" property. They have the right to allow this "protest," and to excuse it. They're just "stickin' it to the man" with his own laws. Columbia University takes pride in denying conservative speech, apparently. Bollinger is an expert on the First Amendment, for sure. Especially to where it doesn't apply.


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It's time Americans woke up to the fact that this country is being overtaken by the Socialists/Communists and will not be satisfied until Americans are destroyed.

They ascribe to the notion that First Amendment rights are only applicable to those who wish to destroy this country!!!

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Chris, i have nominated you for the "thinking blogger" Award.

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Thank you, Bob. I'm honored.