Saturday, March 17, 2007

The NYCLU and The Politics of Personal Destruction

This just in from the NYCLU: (a real email, not a spoof)

Dear Christopher Leavitt,

Action Alert!

Former Attorney General John Ashcroft will be speaking at Hofstra University's John Cranford Adams Playhouse on Tuesday evening, March 20, at 7:30 p.m.

Hofstra students, faculty, and members of the community are assembling at 7 p.m. in front of the playhouse to protest Ashcroft's systematic attacks on our civil liberties. Through his actions as governor, senator, and then attorney general he has demonstrated his anti-choice, anti-LGBT, pro-censorship, fundamentalist, radical agenda. As a key supporter of the Patriot Act, Ashcroft has savaged our right to privacy and due process at every turn.

Members of the community are encouraged to attend. Join the educational rally and wear black to raise awareness.

I so LOVE being on their mailing list. Let's look at this, shall we? John Ashcroft, private citizen, will be speaking at Hofstra University (less than 10 miles from where I live). The NYCLU, often thought of as the "headquarters" chapter of the ACLU, sends out this "Action Alert," telling their local members to go to Hofstra, and protest.

Protest what? His actions as "governor, senator, and then attorney general?" He is holds none of these titles now. Do they presume to equate him with some war criminal who "got away with it," to deserve such treatment? I feel sorry for people who believe this kind of nonsense. What I won't forgive are the people who spread it, through "grass roots" email campaigns like this.

The NYCLU can rail against the actions Mr. Ashcroft took in his official capacity all they like. To now attack him personally, years after he has left office, exposes the left-wing committment to "the politics of personal destruction." They "carry the grudge" long after his old political opponents stopped caring.

Why do they want to protest his freedom of speech? What more can they say that they haven't already said about him? Will they ever respect his civil liberty to speak in public, without making a publicity grab?


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