Saturday, March 08, 2008

El Loco's "Promised Land"

When Hugo Chavez recently called Columbia "the new Israel," my lovely Anna wondered what made it the new "promised land," interpreting it biblically. I had to explain to her that Chavez was speaking in geopolitical terms, referring to how Israel is treated by the "tyrant's club" we politely call the United Nations, as well as many other "multi-national" groups.

Read Rich Lowry's latest column,The Israel of Latin America, for an in-depth analysis of the situation Here's an excerpt:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez reached for what he considered the ultimate insult when he called Colombia "the new Israel." If by that he means a country better governed than its immediate neighbors, that dares to protect itself against terrorists across its border despite getting bludgeoned for it by the international left - he had a point...

...Colombia is the Israel of Latin America - a moniker to be proud of.

My quick take is that there may likely be a war. If not an international war, then a civil war in one or more of the nations involved. Chavez has been trying to provoke war with the US, or at least telling anyone who is listening that we are going to invade Venezuela. He has the money, and the arms to start a regional "communist" revolution, and, unlike Castro, his country is not an island. He has willing neighboring nations that will "team up" with him against Columbia. Hence, his comparison to the nations surrounding Israel. What both situations have in common is a hatred of the US, and our support for anti-terrorism operations by both of these nations (Israel and Columbia).

PS: Remember that the Dems love Daniel Ortega, who just came back into power in Nicaragua. He's part of Chavez' "alliance" against the US, and Columbia. If you don't know who he is, here's a synopsis of "Iran-Contra." The profits from selling weapons to Iran were funneled into overthrowing Ortega in the '80's, by covertly funding the Contras (The Dem congress outlawed any support for them). The weapons deal with Iran was made in order to free American hostages held by Hezbollah. The profits were a fringe benefit, and put to good use, IMHO. -and now, Danny's back, and Chavez is also allied with Iran! I'm worried, folks.

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