Monday, March 24, 2008


My man, VP Dick Cheney!

"On the security front, I think there's a general consensus that we've made major progress, that the surge has worked. That's been a major success," Cheney told ABC News' Martha Raddatz during an exclusive interview in Oman.

When asked how that assessment comports with recent polls that show about two-thirds of Americans say the fight in Iraq is not worth it, Cheney replied, "So?" (link to story)

Ya gotta love this guy. The Congress, and the American public supported the deposing of Saddam Hussein, before we did it. War is not something a nation can do "halfway," once comitted to. The lessons of Vietnam have been learned, and those mistakes will not be repeated today. Both Hillary and Obama have said as much, in one of their early debates. Neither would promise to have "all" troops out by the end of their first term. Most people understand that, even as the situation gets better in Iraq, our continued presence is essential.

Cheney knows this, and also knows the loaded nature of the poll numbers Ms. Raddatz cites in her question. "Not worth it?" That isn't a judgement that us "average Joes and Janes" get to make. We elect leaders to do what they think is right, and our only way of changing policy is to elect someone else. "Lame duck" is the distinct flavor of his response, and I find it delectable.

Thanks to Cheney, for saying it "SO" bluntly.

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