Thursday, August 07, 2008


Anyone who didn't see this coming is living in another reality. The man who had the nerve to call Pres. Bush "the Devil" in front of the UN a while back has once again shown where the stench of brimstone really came from. Who wants to bet he stays in power beyond his term limit? I ask all of the people who think that Bush is a "dictator" (if not the Devil) to make an objective comparison. Read the AP piece linked here, and you will realize why I laugh off the allegation of Bush's "tyranny."

Speaking of tyranny, Rep. Maxine Waters recently threatened to try to nationalize America's oil industry. Chavez did this a long time ago, which shows what path Rep. Waters wants to take this nation down. I doubt that even a potential Pres. Obama (or a majority of Democrats) would go along with this, but it's important to know that we also have a faction that is as tyrannical as the Chavez regime.

Watch out for "El Diablo," and his American apologists and apostles. Any fool knows where his leadership is taking Venezuela: straight to hell. We can't do anything about it overtly, and we shouldn't, at this point. Let's concentrate on getting our own house in order, and stay prepared for any "surprises" Chavez cooks up with his pal Ahmedinejad. In the best scenario, they both get overthrown internally, but that's not happening any time soon.

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