Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama's Acceptance Speech Ripped by Malveaux and West: "Running Away From History," or "Whitewash?"

Drs. Cornell West and Julianne Malveaux panned Sen. Obama's acceptance speech, in an interview with Tavis Smiley, on PBS. Tavis Smiley got them to open up, and gives us a real insight into their point of view. This link has 4 minutes of it, and I'm hoping the most critical parts aren't edited out. I saw the whole interview, but didn't view the online excerpt. Dr. West said that Obama's speech was "running away from history," and Dr. Malveaux called it a "whitewash," and stood behind that word, when challenged by Mr. Smiley.

If you don't know who Drs. West and Malveaux are, see their websites (Dr. Malveaux, and Dr. West), or just search the web. It is safe to say that they come from the liberal end of the political spectrum, and they are both African-American. It's an interesting interview, and deserverves to be transcribed fully.

PS: I have to commend Tavis Smiley, because I am a huge fan of his. He is ten times as good at interviewing guests as Charlie Rose, who I can't stomach. I find Mr. Smiley's style conducive to getting guests to "open up" in ways that Charlie Rose never could (or will), even if Mr. Rose could just "shut up" long enough to listen to an answer. Tavis has a kind of class that Charlie never did, or will have.

(PS: I hate Charlie Rose for an entirely personal reason. He cursed out my girlfriend, in one of those "don't you know who I am!" pseudo-celebrity rants. I won't get into details, but Karma gave him a big blue "shiner" a few months later. He said he "fell on the street," but I dream that it was me punching him out! -and it's true, he won't shut up! LOL!)

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