Saturday, August 30, 2008

I LOVE SARAH PALIN! (In a Totally Platonic/Political Way)

McCain is still a maverick. The choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is "on the edge of the bubble" to some, but she is an excellent VP candidate. I'm betting that she's dealt with blowhards like Biden before, and will kick his butt in their debate. Her experience should be an issue, because it compares so favorably to Obama's. Sarah Palin took on corruption in her own party, and has an 80% approval rating. She has been more than bipartisan in her appointments, by including "independents," as well as Democrats. She fits well with McCain, who should now change his stance on drilling in ANWR.

Her story will come out, and she will impress the nation. Alaska deals with more international issues than most states, so her experience may be greater than Obama's, on a practical level. Granted, he just did the "big tour" of Western Europe, but what does he know about keeping the Russians from claiming all of the oil in the arctic circle? Less than she does, I'll bet.

Gov. Palin is one of the "new generation" of conservatives, along with LA Gov. Jindal, who are picking up the mess that the "old guard" GOP made, since Bush's second term. The GOP congressional majority that took over in '94 was a different animal than the GOP that the Dems routed in '06. "Our party left us," according to fiscal conservatives, and they were right.

McCain is against congressional earmarks, which, though a small amount in the overall budget, are often used as political payoffs to just about anyone, with no scrutiny of how the money is used. This is also something that Gov. Palin has confronted, by rejecting the famous "bridge to nowhere," that Alaska Sen. Stevens tried to "appropriate" for his contractor friends. This was before he was indicted, when he still had serious political power in the state, which took guts.

She seems like a valuable resource for seeing through all of the BS, and is just the kind of "spark" that McCain needed. He has guaranteed that no matter who wins, history will be made. At the risk of sounding sexist (not to mention ticking off my darling Anna), I have to think that she sends shivers up conservatives' legs, a la Chris Matthews' reaction to Obama. She does it to me.

I love Sarah Palin! (in a totally platonic/political way, of course)

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