Friday, October 10, 2008

Economic Questions For Sen. Obama

Some questions for Sen. Obama on economic issues:

The last Democratic president also promised a "middle class tax cut," but ended up raising taxes on people making less than $30,000 a year. Since your record doesn't show any support for tax cuts, why should we believe you?

Medicare and Medicaid are losing billions of dollars every year, and are riddled with fraud. If the government can't pay for, and adequately manage these health care programs, how can it afford "universal" health care? Will you fix Medicaid/-care before proposing any new health care program?

Rich people are notoriously cheap; many will tell you that's how they got rich. If you raise their taxes in an economic downturn, when they've already lost a signifigant amount of their wealth, won't that hurt many small busnisses that cater to them? Remember the "luxury boat" tax, a huge failure that had to be repealed?

Some of us struggling middle class voters didn't take advantage of the "subprime" and "no money down" mortgages, because we knew we couldn't afford the eventual payments. Instead, we're still renting, as our landlords increase our rent to cover their increasing bills. Will you give renters a tax credit, or some kind of relief you're offering struggling homeowners?

Social Security must be fixed. Will you allow workers to have private SS accounts, instead of government IOU's? Isn't the current system, where current workers' taxes go directly to current retirees, unsustainable? As for the crashing markets, what's the difference between bailing out these big companies, and bailing out the Social Security recipients that have nothing but the government's IOU backing up the money they've paid into the Social Security "system?"

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