Friday, October 03, 2008

Palin "Kicks Butt" in Debate! (I'M HERE TO COLLECT ON MY BET)

On Aug. 30th, I wrote this about Gov. Palin: "I'm betting that she's dealt with blowhards like Biden before, and will kick his butt in their debate." I'm here to collect my winnings. The most negative take one could have on her performance in the vice-presidential debate was that "she held her own," or "she stopped her downward momentum." There were roughly an equal number of gaffes, mispronunciations, and misstatements between them, but there was a palpable difference between the two. One liberal commentator (on MSNBC) said they seemed "as if they were on two different worlds," and though he meant that Gov. Palin was from "the other" world than his, most Americans live there, too.

I sure do. After listening to most of the debate, I found myself right back at my first analysis of the governor, embodied by the title of that Aug. 30th post: "I LOVE SARAH PALIN! (In a Totally Platonic/Political Way)" This lady has everything required to be president of the United States. I am more confident in her than I was when I wrote my first post about her. She is the "bold" and "audacious" politician that Obama talks about being, but has never been.

She won the debate, though Sen. Biden "held his own." That translates to "he didn't self-destruct," as it did when applied to Palin from liberals. He didn't get any real "zingers" in against her. His "outstanding" moment was when he talked about his family's tragedy, which "humanized" him, but really didn't advance the Obama ticket. Conversely, Gov. Palin had several "outstanding" moments, few of which invoked her family. Nonetheless, she did advance the McCain ticket's goals, especially with these comments:

First among them was when she said "I've only been at this for five and a half weeks," which put the whole debate in perspective. "Your plan is a white flag of surrender in Iraq" was another good rejoinder. I also liked this quote (excerpted from the FOXNEWS website): "It's so obvious that I'm a Washington outsider, and someone just not used to the way you guys operate," she said at one point, criticizing him for voting for the Iraq war before speaking out against it. "Americans are craving that straight talk."

"Talking points" they may be, but hers were better than Sen. Biden's, and anyone who doubts it is living in MSNBC's "other world." Look for the media to say that she "delivered" them better, or that she was "better coached" than Sen. Biden. The fact is that she conveyed her message better than Biden did, and in a more "charismatic" way.

I'm going to stand by the analysis of the most honest liberal I know: my girlfriend Anna, who was really impressed by Gov. Palin, even though she doesn't agree with her, politically. She said that Gov. Palin "won" the debate, by being a little more than Sen,. Biden's "equal." She gave better than she got, in this shoot-out.

People may have concerns about her being "ready to be the President," but she's not running for president. The other ticket is the one with the "inexperience" at the top. She's no Dan Quayle, that's for sure. She is proving herself a valuable political asset to the McCain campaign. She also didn't ride her husband's political train to get where she is.

If they don't win, look for her to be the leading contender in 2012 on the GOP side, if she wants it, and works toward that goal. She's a very impressive lady, and a fantastic new political voice.

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