Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I just got wind of a very underreported CNN story about a rescued Australian hostage in Iraq, Mr. Douglas Wood. The GALVIN OPINION, however, picked up on it, and it's worth a post here (tip o' the hat). Galvin posts a moving photo juxtaposition of Mr. Wood at terrorist gunpoint and his reunion with his wife, and I agree with Mr. Galvin's comments on the story.

The underreported story is that Mr. Wood apologized for the statements he was forced to make, and reiterates his belief that the U.S - coalition policy is working. He bases the second point on the fact that he was rescued by Iraqis, not foreign coalition troops. This is huge, and should be touted by Pres. Bush in some way (a White House photo-op?). This man would be the perfect counter to the GITMO stories. He can tell the tale of being in a true life-or-death situation that the detainees at GITMO haven't faced since they were on the battlefield. The difference is that the threat of death to Mr. Wood was worse after the terrorists captured him, as opposed to the zero death rate of terrorists at GITMO.

A final quote from Mr. Wood:

Asked what he thinks of his captors, Wood needed little time to reflect.
"Arseholes," he shot back.
Wood said he did not know who the men were who kidnapped him.
"I didn't know whether it was al Qaeda or who it was," he said. "I didn't know ... obviously, my head is intact, so it wasn't al Qaeda."

--Now tell me about "torture camps?"
Food for thought...


Rosemary said...

Great stuff!

Chris said...

Mr. Wood was on the TODAY show this morning, 08/02/05, and he appears to be writing a book about his experience. GOOD FOR HIM, AND OUR CAUSE!