Tuesday, June 07, 2005


In my previous post about GITMO detainees flushing the Koran, I cited three vague reports. I also implored the MSM to look into this (-as if!), to make amends for the hyping of a small number of detainee abuse incidents. The silence was deafening. Well, Michelle Malkin has stepped up to fill the void left by the MSM. Her latest column outlines the abuses of the Koran by the detainees themselves. (Here's a link to her 06/03/05 blog post preceding the column, also linked in the title of this post.) I read it today in the NY POST, but it's not in their online edition. The gist is this: there are several documented occasions of detainees "abusing" the Koran, including ripping out the pages and flushing them down the toilet. It appears that urinating on someone else's Koran is an acceptable act if done by one detainee to another through the cell bars; some even have renounced Islam altogether, and returned their Korans. I'm starting to think that the Koran isn't quite as sacred to all who call themselves "Muslims" as the MSM leads one to believe. (-no $#it!)

They (and the US government, thanks to media pressure) want to give politially correct deference to people who only use that as another tool to fight against the US, our freedoms, and the very tolerance they and their twisted views are receiving from us. It has to stop. Watch for the further void from the "old" MSM, but keep finding the truth here, and in the more popular outlets of the NEW "MSM". See LaShawn Barber's post on this topic, which I totally agree with. Ms. Malkin's 06/01/05 column is also relevant

My hat's off to Michelle Malkin and LaShawn Barber, who had the guts to go where few dared to tread.

(PS: CNN's report on Gitmo detainees flushing the Koran, while having a good headline, still seems to accuse the US of worse abuses. That does not fill the void left by the rest of the MSM.)

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