Thursday, June 09, 2005


Since I've ridiculed several ABC news programs, both in this blog and on their local affiliate's message boards (even a few emails), I thought it only fair to praise them for their continued employment of John Stossel. I always enjoyed his consumer reporting over the years, but haven't seen much of him since I stopped watching most ABC news shows (the overnight World News Now being the exception, as it's the only news I get on my non-cable TV at those hours). He's writing a column now, and has taken on government regulation with the same gusto I remember him having for exposing fraudulent products and services from the private sector. This has got him labeled "conservative," and caused some controversy, but it seems that ABC is doing the right thing by keeping him employed. His new book, "Give me a Break!", and his new weekly column will undoubtedly bring more viewers to 20/20. Mr. Stossel has already become one of my favorite weekly reads, and his latest columns on abolishing the FDA drug testing process or making it optional are prime examples of why. He thinks outside the box, and isn't afraid to propose radical-sounding solutions to the problems he tackles. Read his linked columns, or click on the archive link for something more interesting to you than FDA regs. Meanwhile, I'll be clicking my remote over to 20/20 to look for him, which would classify me as a "new viewer;" I can't remember the last time I watched it.

ABC should promote his specials on more conservative media, and let him do more of them.

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