Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Adam (Howdy Doody) Putnam (R-FL)

With all of the fuss over a freshman Republican congresswoman's "coward" remarks on the House floor last week, I have to give a "hat tip" to Gwen Ifill of "Washington Week In Review" (on PBS) for catching this overlooked tidbit:

IFILL: I have to share my favorite line in all of this hostile debate that's been going on on the Hill. It involved young Adam Putnam, congressman, Florida...
Ms. SEABROOK: Thirty-one years old.
IFILL: ...31 years old, redhead, which we'll explain why that matters, and Congressman Marion Berry from Arkansas who called him a, quote, "howdy-doody looking Nimrod" at some point.
Ms. SEABROOK: It was a fun quote.
IFILL: Did he have to withdraw that? It seems like he crossed all the lines.
Ms. SEABROOK: There was an immediate point of order on the floor against him.
IFILL: I'll bet there was. He didn't--the howdy-doody part was fine. The Nimrod part, no. No.

So Gwen has no problem with dissin' red haired guys with freckles. Well, let me tell Ms. Ifill something. I went through years of hell as a teenager with that nickname. Us guys with red hair and freckles hate being called "howdy doody" more than "nimrod", trust me. Such a bastion of liberal sensitivity as yourself surely must realize how offensively your comments could be construed. Not by me, of course. My nickname actually changed to Howard J. Doolittle (or just Howard) before I graduated high school, at least with the coolest kids. But in defense of Rep. Putnam, and "howdy doodys" everywhere, I'm going to call Rep. Berry a "fat old bastard with green teeth". (SEE PICTURE BELOW-from his website)

PS: I'm just pulling Ms. Ifill's leg, of course. There is a deeper point about name-calling, which is something I both did and received as a kid. I wouldn't really give a crap about it, except that the libs want to make it an issue, and "over-sensitize" everybody with PC - BS, especially today's kids. I just hope that the right to VERBALLY offend will not be further limited by our fine congress, who can't help but act like name-calling kids themselves.

Marion (Green Teeth) Berry (D-AR)


Anonymous said...

Who looks like Howdy Doody?
Who looks like a nimrod?
Decide for yourself.
Judge the beauty contest.

Chris said...

That's pretty funny, and I don't mind anonymous funny stuff. Thanks!