Thursday, November 03, 2005


I caught a moment of O'Reilly's "most ridiculous item of the day" last night. I don't remember the actual wording, but the NYCLU has a sign at their headquarters reserving the right to search all persons or packages that enter. Pretty funny, considering my last post, and this one.

If I had made this up, I would use it to comply with the Meme tags I recieved recently. By the way, apologies to Is It Just Me and Merri Musings (who actually tagged me first) for not complying. My recent PC problems kept me from doing so in a timely manner. Sorry, ladies!

More on this at STOP The ACLU.

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BobG said...

This is so funny and even more amusing is that they are so clueless about their own hypocrisy.

John said...

I swear O'Reilly is stealing his talking points from me!