Saturday, November 05, 2005


The suburbs surrounding Paris have become infernos of violence every night, as French police fail to quell the unrest. I hate to say "I told you so", but many pundits predicted something like this happening in France. I don't want to kick the French when they're down (well, maybe a little), but didn't they think they were protecting themselves from this kind of internal strife by opposing the US-led invasion of Iraq? (Come to think of it, didn't Spain get bombed again after they withdrew from the Iraq front?) The question for the French now is how soon will they surrender to the fact that they cannot enforce the law on their own soil? These areas are now like the Palestinian territories, and the French are like the Israelis, "invading" them to pre-empt more violence. How serious is this situation, and why did I see three hours of coverage about the relatively miniscule Argentine protests against Pres. Bush, and maybe ten minutes of reporting about the French Muslim uprising on CNN today?

PS: I don't wish to engage in the schadenfreude that the French have since 9/11, but comparing the composition of the above artwork to my current profile photo, maybe I have. If so, tough crap for them, even if most French people don't have much say in their government's policies. C'est la vie, mes amis!

Hat tip to
France Sucks, for publishing this drawing, as I was able to download it to my new PC. Go check them out! This post is linked at the STOP The ACLU Weekend Trackback Party! Also, check out Michelle Malkin's piece "PARIS UNREST" = MUSLIM IMMIGRANT GANG VIOLENCE and Sweet Spirit of Ammonia's excellent piece "Je Vous Ai Compris, I have Undertsood You", about DeGaulle's part in all this.

Note: The drawing is old (1982-85), and was pasted on the altered Eiffel Tower background a few years ago (probably around the time "freedom fries" got popular).

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BobG said...

The French are reaping what they have sown since the days of DeGaulle. Stop by my place and give a gander to the post I have on it. Nice picture! Keep up the good work, I'm glad you have a new pc 'cause I really enjoy your stuff.