Wednesday, November 23, 2005


STOP THE ACLU is more than just a website, or an organization. It is a state of mind, something that should be accepted wisdom for every man and woman in America. Living in New York, scant miles from the ACLU's national headquarters, I feel the need to wear a public statement of opposition to this left-wing abomination. I work in the darkest depths of Mordor (metaphorically), and could bring the light of reason and righteousness to my fellow NYers. If not that, I can piss a bunch of psycho-liberals off on a regular basis, which this shirt will certainly do. Either way, it's a win-win. I get to show off my support for STOP THE ACLU, and they get free promotion of their organization in an area that is still conservative, though losing ground to the liberals. It will also be appreciated by my friends on the Lynbrook, Freeport, and NYC Police Departments, who will envy me, and perhaps buy their own shirts, since they make so much more money than me. My last reason is that Christmas is coming soon, and I don't have too many prospects for good gifts. My fiance and her family have good intentions, but none of them would think of a STOP THE ACLU T-shirt as a Christmas present. So Jay, Ian, and Mystery Judge, please be my secret Santa, and give me the free shirt! If I get it, there'll be alot of Thanks-giving from LEAVWORLD!

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John said...

I may not need other judges, being that you are the only one competing as of yet. Thanks.