Friday, February 24, 2006


I had occasion to see the latest Time magazine at the supermarket check-out line. It was the first time I've seen Time there. Ever. I got a laugh out of the cover (especially the caption: "Sticking By His Guns: From the Iraq war to torture to energy policy, Dick Cheney stubbornly clings to what he believes"), but didn't have time to read the article. Brent Bozell did, however, and delivers a scathing blow to both Time and Newsweek for their overwrought reporting.

He goes on to compare their coverage to the "soft story" (read short and sympathetic) treatment both magazines gave the Vince Foster suicide. That shooting happened in the White House, and was covered up for hours as Clinton aides removed potentially incriminating documents. That those facts didn't come out until much later is attributable to the White House Press Corps' lax attitude toward Pres. Clinton.

The irony is that the MSM in general have reacted to the Cheney incident as they should have reacted to the Foster suicide. Just imagine what some might call a liberal's dream scenario: what if Karl Rove shot himself in the west wing? Tell me that it wouldn't be 10 times the size of the Cheney story; but if the MSM treated Bush as they did Clinton (which they don't), it wouldn't get any more press than coverage than Vince Foster's suicide did.


Read Mr. Bozell's column, it's jammin! Hat tip to Amy Ridenour's National Center Blog, which has a new "old book" look! I like it, as well as continued great posts there. Check out this one about the Canadian mom who fought a 700 pound polar bear to protect her son, and this informed take on the Katrina aftermath. There's plenty more there, so go check it out as well!

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