Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I found Pres. Clinton's comments at Mrs. King's eulogy hard to swallow. I don't know what it was, but they smacked me as...phony. I wonder why Pres. Bush 41 didn't get the cheers when he made much more poignant points...aside from his lame comeback at those who dissed his son.

...and what's up with dissin' Pres. Bush 43 right in front of his face? Please, give the man a break, liberals! Didn't you learn from the Wellstone memorial that you don't mix politics with funerals?

More on Pres. Clinton: Did he not look like a puppy being told to "heel" while Hillary spoke? PLEASE! This guy couldn't even manage one loving glance at his wife as she spoke? -I didn't see the whole thing, so he may have looked at her while she spoke, but he looked chastened in the clips I saw.

Carter just played the fool, mentioning the wiretaps that Kennedy OK'd on Dr. King. Did he know that Ted K. was there, and going to speak? Did he intend to make them all look like fools?

God rest Mrs. King's soul. She is reunited with her husband, and I hope they are both happy in heaven together. What played out at her funeral had too much to do with the most base of earthly events...politics. (I know that there are much worse things in the world, but they all have a political component, which is the reason I feel free to say that)

Others can give a more comprehensive analysis, but those are my first thoughts, and I doubt I'll revisit this funeral.

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