Saturday, April 22, 2006


LEAVWORLD is sick and tired of hearing the racist label attached to Republicans (hat tip Dr. Sanity). This is some political art that I thought I'd finally publish here. The original post on LEAVART has some pithy commentary, which I won't repeat here.

What I will say here is that I find racism vile, but protected, to a degree, under our laws. Much like pedophilia, one can think and talk about it, but can't actually practice it. Both of these concepts are cancers on the human condition. Both have been around throughout history. Acts of racism are being prosecuted heavily, while acts of pedophilia are still routinely not, though the counter-argument is just as strong. Acts of pedophilia are prosecuted heavily, while acts of racism are routinely not.

I call myself a Republican here, and that is what I am. I believe the Republican Party stands as a progressive force against both of those evil ideas, as well as a host of other persistent problems plaguing humanity. This is what irritates me so much when people blithely/hatefully say "Republicans are racists!" -As if all of us, but no Dems are racists. I know better.

RACISTS come in every race, religion, color, gender, sexual preference, and political persuasion on this planet. DEMOCRATS INCLUDED. I know this first-hand.

"Conservative Libertarian" (CL) might be more appropriate for me, with the GOP divided into so many factions. Lord knows, they don't stand for half of what they should these days. Still, I understand that the party is made up of people, all of whom are quite fallible. Well, my fallible ass is standing behind my party, and my President.

Republicans are not racists!

I don't agree with every person in the Republican Party by a long shot. However, I read all of the major Right wing columnists, and don't find any of them to be racist, either. The best blogs are the provocative ones, that also get many comments either calling them racists if they're White, or an Uncle Tom/Aunt Jemima if they're Black (Let's not forget our little "slant-eyed honey," Michelle Malkin). Obviously, I want to be a little provocative here, but I don't see alot of racism in the right-wing blogs I read, except in the lefties' comments there!

...that's "the truth as I see it," to quote Autum Ashante...Hey, if it works for her, why not me?...

(YES, I TURND 44 YESTERDAY. Anna's birthday was last week, and Easter was in between. That is why I had no posts, except for some Vendome stories this past week. -LEAV)

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