Wednesday, April 26, 2006

KUCINICH ON IRAN: BOOTS OFF THE GROUND! -or "What's it like out there?"

I took a trip to one of Saturn's moons last week, and read some of Rep Dennis Kucinich's demands of our President. He reports that the US has troops in IRAN, and demands that the President disclose this publicly. Another press release says "that Pentagon civilians and Vice President Cheney’s office are among those in the U.S. government who support" groups like MEK, which is on the official State Dept. "terrorist group" list, citing someone from

This got me thinking, which is always a dangerous thing. I know that Kucinich is "out there," but I hope that his info is correct, in this case. To expect an official statement is ridiculous, and harmful to the mission, which is probably to find out the strength and depth of opposition in that country. Will these ops lead to a full scale invasion? Probably not, but better safe than sorry, as we were in Iraq until recently. (Yes, I think we've "turned the corner" there)

Kucinich also cites Sy Hersh, who I saw on TV (PBS, I think) saying that Pres. Bush has a "messianic vision" of attacking Iran; that it is why he's here. Let's just say that old Sy's vision is perhaps inverted in the case of Ahmedinejad, the current President of Iran. Yeah, this guy Sy is credible, if you believe the opposite of whatever his analysis is.

The truth is that anytime could be GO TIME with Iran. We have to be prepared as well for a co-ordinated attack from their allies, Syria (and by proxy Lebannon, Gaza) and North Korea, with China backing them up in the UN. It may never come to war, but those regimes must be changed.


(Lebannon is making progress, but won't get true freedom until Syria no longer dominates it. China is also undergoing a different kind of revolution, but the outcome is unclear.)

Meanwhile, the Bush "regime" is constitutionally term-limited, and the Dems have their next big shot at running things in the post-9/11 world in 2008. Kucinich only hurts his party with this kind of stuff. It's bad enough that it is in the media, but for an opposition congressman to demand that the President publicly expose a covert operation during a war shows why I had to go to a moon of Saturn to read these press releases!

Note: I actually got the first one in an email from a lefty freind, which means that this is what's being reported in the elite (and totally left) media: the New Yorker, and blogs like Websites that work against the US national interest this way are all probably on the "favorites" list of every Al Queda spy's computer. Average people can understand that, post 9/11.

This is why I hope we have "boots on the ground" in IRAN. We need to have a credible threat to that country, as the logical next step in the war on terror. This is no time for pussy-footin' around, Kucinich! (hat tip ASSORTED BABBLE-must read!)

(Hat tip to Joe Bloggs-How's this for a scary reply?)


Gayle said...

Saw your comment over at Suzie's place and thought I'd check you out. You are right... I hope we have boots on the ground in Iran too. Your two posts (yours and Suzies) are right on the mark and are important. Thanks!

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

I appreciate you linking to me. Like Gayle, I would hope and think that we have boots on the ground there. Kucinich and that whole bunch of moonbats are dangerous to our country as well as troops. Their hatred for our President only enables our enemies for what they leak and expose. They are puppets for the enemy.