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Hat tip: Pretend Pundit Via ACLU Website:

Responding to reports that phone companies are turning over private
details about Americans’ telephone calls to the National Security Agency, the
American Civil Liberties Union today launched a nationwide initiative to end
illegal government spying.

ACLU affiliates in 20 states today filed complaints with Public Utility
Commissions or sent letters to state Attorneys General and other officials
demanding investigations into whether local telecommunications companies allowed
the NSA to spy on their customers.

“We cannot sit by while the government and the phone companies collude in this
massive, illegal and fundamentally unAmerican invasion of our privacy,” said
ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero. “And unfortunately, we cannot wait for Congress to act. The ACLU
is mobilizing its members and supporters nationwide to demand investigations
into this shocking breach of trust. And we are asking the FCC to use its
authority to uncover the facts about how far the president's illegal spying has
gone. The American people want answers.”

True to form, Romero has twisted the facts of this case around to scare the
unsuspecting liberal minded, apathetic imbecile who supports him and his
anti-American organization. To this point, each and every legal scholar who has
looked at the program has agreed that no laws have been broken.

Congressional leaders, including Dick "the dick with the turban" Durban have
come out in favor of changing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to cover
this type of operation. Each one has touted the benefits and necessities of this
program for the national security of the United States and its people.

Democrats are approaching this from the oversight angle. That if the President was given authority to conduct this operation
in just the same manner that it already has been, it would provide some
oversight with teeth under which the President is less likely to abuse the

Republicans are approaching this from the stand point that the President needs
this program and having it written into FISA would provide him with the tools to
conduct it.

I agree with both actually. No matter who is in power, it is always possible
for power to be abused. But as both parties have recognized the need for the
program and both have expressed the need for it to continue, what is the ACLU's

I'll tell you what their beef is. They are the perpetual fly in the ointment.
If they aren't causing trouble over each and every thing the federal government
does, they feel as though they aren't doing anything at all. After all, if they
agreed with the stance the government takes, their significance would be

This is a fund raising campaign. If they make a big enough stink about this, the apathetic morons will give them
more money. If by chance they prevail in any one of these many lawsuits that
they are planning, then they can circumvent the legislative process and again,
they make money off the government.

The ACLU is listed as a non-profit organization. They claim to be non-partisan.
But it seems awfully odd that the only members of Congress that are members of
the ACLU are Democrats and that the ACLU publicly opposes any proposal sponsored
by Republicans. And it seems awfully odd that each time they win a case, they
take a larger cut of the settlement than their clients.

The ACLU feeds of the weak minded. They rely on the apathetic uniformed morons
who fill out the little form and send it in with their $25 each year to get
their little card in the mail so that they can go around saying that they are
"card carrying members of the ACLU". If these people had half the intelligence
that they claim to have, they would look into the dealings of the ACLU and come to the same conclusions that we have. That their
actual goal is destruction of the United States as we know it.

President Bush and other administration officials have neither
confirmed nor denied a USA Today report that the NSA is collecting the calling
records of ordinary Americans in its effort to detect the plans of al-Qaida and
other terrorist organizations.

Bush has said the administration's anti-terror surveillance programs are legal
and constitutional.

The ACLU was planning to file actions with state utility commissions in Arizona,
Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New
York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia
and Washington. Other states were expected to be added later. Source

So the ACLU will sue these companies for helping our government to detect
terrorists? All the while, the ACLU has a massive database of its
members, their financial information, and much more private details than
the NSA could ever hope for.

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