Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I recently started a new blog at It is an interesting community, with many nice people, and some freindly (and NOT) moonbats. However, I felt pressure to get comments on my posts there, and to comment on others' posts, to acquire "Gather points." This does not jibe with what I do. My premise is that I say what I think, or what I want to promote for thought, with as few distractions as possible when writing this blog. If no one else reads it, it still serves as a record of my opinions on a variety of subjects.

While I get more comments on some posts at Gather, I don't like that they have ads on the same page as everything I post there. I've deleted most of my artwork, but will probably leave crossposts of everything I publish here at LEAVWORLD, with a link.

I encourage you to go check out my Gather page, especially the comments on LET THEM EAT BOMBS!, which got no comments here. This is why I find it so hard to quit this quaint little internet community. I love stirring debate, and Gather fills the bill for that.

I just don't like diverting more time to another, smaller community in the blogosphere. I'm happy with my little LEAVWORLD blogspot for now, and will try to keep my Gather posts current with this blog. I barely write anything when I'm reading so much.

This is also a test to see if I can link to Gather from here, and if it is restricted from being viewed. If it is, I may have to drop them.

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