Friday, May 19, 2006


I caught a report of Palestinians protesting over the lack of funds from Israel, the EU, and the U.S. One protester said that they were being punished for "exercising democracy." If this was a democratically elected government, as alleged, they are now truly and collectively responsible for all of the terrorist murders that Hamas has, and continues to commit.

Under the same logic they follow to kill innocent Israeli civillians, they now have justified the killing of innocent Palestinian civillians. Israel, in the past, has killed innocents only when they were in proximity to a terrorist target. They would never stoop to suicide bombers dressed as women at shopping malls, or on buses. The stoppage of funds is warfare by other means, and the Palestinians brought this upon themselves. Imagine if Israel had the moral code of the Palestinians in warfare.

Israel has done more than any democracy could, to live with people who want to wipe them off the face of the Earth. It is no surprise that they have acted unilaterally, seperating themselves from the hostile foreign influences from Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and others, on the Palestinian Authority. Mass re-education is what they need over in the P.A, and it might not hurt here in the U.S. either, when it comes to dealing with terrorist governments.

The P.A. must separate from these influences, if it wants to become an indepent nation. The true shame is that the innocents pay the steepest price. That's the problem with terrorism, and those who support it. Have generations of Palestinians on the front line of this jihad helped to destroy Israel? NO! Have generations on the front line of this jihad against Israel helped the Palestinians? NO! Do the surrounding nations that are still "at war" with Israel really give a crap about the Palestinians, beyond "lip service" and rhetoric? NO!

Now that crunch time has come, I hope the Palestinians understand that.


The responsibility we have to the world is the same that we have to our own citizens. We are "dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal," to quote "honest Abe" Lincoln. Ours is the resposibility to further the ideals and benefits of freedom to our closest allies and worst enemies, and everyone between. The U.S. doesn't seek to bring freedom to the world by force. Like George Washington, we must pick our battles, and lose some, in the overall war for human rights. Our ideals of freedom continue to grow in oppressive countries worldwide, without any military action by us.

The same responsibility is tied to personal freedom. The freedom we enjoy requires people to act responsibly, and further, to combat any criminal behavior they observe, by calling the police or other authorities. This nation is filled with Americans who daily accept the responsibility to make their communities safer. It has ever been so, and will always be. The ones who look away, or blind themselves to evil will always be with us, as will the evildoers themselves. That is the human condition, not unique to the U.S. To love this country less because of the actions of a small percentage of the population, or the even larger percentage who are ambivalent, is ridiculous.

Why must we be responsible for the world's, and our own freedom? Because it's in our own self-interest, at least. One could say it's because of a higher calling from God to do the right thing, but I'll leave that for a theologian to explain elsewhere. History has taught us this much: If not us, then who? Who will stand up to governments that terrorize their own citizens, while threatening their neighbors? Who will call the cops on the drug gangs in their neighborhoods? The answer to both of those questions is the same: the citizens of the United States of America.

This is why free societies; the U.S. and Israel in particular, will never bow to terrorism and totalitarianism, in the grand scheme of things. THE WHOLE WORLD SHOULD UNDERSTAND THIS, ESPECIALLY THE PALESTINIANS.

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