Saturday, April 21, 2007

Cindy Adams on Bradley, Dean, and Obama: The New York Magazine Curse!

A tidbit from Cindy Adams:

ELECTIONS ago, New York magazine crowned Bill Bradley as the new hot candidate. He must be in the Witness Protection system because nobody's heard from him since. A while back New York magazine crowned Howard Dean as the new hot candidate. He never got out of the starting gate. New York magazine just crowned Barack Obama as the new hot candidate. Poor Barack Obama.

(Note to Sen. Bradley: Send Cindy a signed copy of your book, "The New American Story," and remind her that you are still around.)

Cindy Adams is a legendary gossip columnist, known for her "talking to you" NY slang style of writing (which I detested, until I adopted it, on occasasion). She is far from political, but she knows politics. Her take on this is not to be taken lightly, though it will be, by most "political observers" and "commentators."

The political truth is that Obama doesn't have a chance, just as Dean and Bradley didn't. It's not "the curse of New York magazine" that's haunting Obama. It's the political machine, which gave Gore and Kerry the past two nominations. Hillary is the "machine" candidate, period, and will get the nomination.

When that happens, I'll adapt one of Cindy's classic lines: "Leavitt told you so, kiddies." If it doesn't, I'll be wrong, but I'll still bet that Cindy is right, and Obama's not the nominee. Of course, everyone is still in play, and it's early. If Obama becomes the Dem nominee, I'll be as happy as if Dean had been nominated in '04. I just see him as a long shot, however "new" and "hot" he is, right now.

A final note: Cindy knows that Obama raised more funds than Hillary in the last quarter, after the final numbers were broken down. That's why she used the phrase "poor Barack Obama." She's being sarcastic, in typical NY style.

What do you think about the "New York" magazine curse? Is Obama another popular, but destined for failure "alternative" presidential candidate? Will Bill Bradley endorse him? (Dean can't, as head of the DNC, of course.) Is there really a "machine" behind Hillary? I'd especially like to hear Sen. Bradley's take on this post, if he would be so kind.

This was originally written for, and posted on Bill Bradley is a VIP at Gather (or more precisely, on the board of directors), and has a group there, promoting his new book.


BobG said...

What do you think of the NY Times article describing NY Black politicians as hesitant to sign on to the Clinton bandwagon? Will Obama get their support or will they be sucked up by the machine? Or, does it matter?

Chris said...

I didn't read the Times piece, but I think the latter. Obama is not electable, for numerous reasons. Any support he gets in the primaries will be symbolic, and not by many major players in NY.

I know that some heavy Hollywood types have supported Obama, but Hil is a NY Senator. She has alot of real levers at her disposal, and knows how to use them.

Chris said...

BTW: Bradley's Gather group rejected this post, though it's still published at GRAFFITI POLITTI on Gather (my group there), and was published on many other Gather members' groups, and "featured" on at least one.