Friday, April 13, 2007

Mother Nature's Thumb In Al Gore's Eye, AGAIN!

I caught the ending of "The Day After Tomorrow" on TV tonight, and I remembered that Al Gore used the release date of that movie as a PR opportunity (Gore Warns of 'Climate Emergency' While Promoting Disaster Film ...), about a year before he put out his own oscar-winning "documentary" movie, An Inconvenient Truth.

The day that Gore made his speech, the temperature in NYC was at a record cold, in over the last half-century. It fit in with the preposterous scenario of the movie, which was "global warming's effect will be global cooling, at least over the USA." Perhaps that is why he wasn't more widely ridiculed at the time.

Gore's newest effort to radicalize the left wing troops in defense of the climate is getting stiffer factual resistance than one cold day in NYC. It looks as if April is coming in with winter's vengance, and making up for the warm winter weather we (in NYC) got in January. Snow from Texas to NY, and temperatures to match.

I wouldn't be surprised if "global" temperatures were actually decreasing, depending on which areas one uses to guesstimate the "global" temperature.

I can say this much: it was a rare thing, but my mother said that it snowed in NYC on Apr. 21st, 1962 (the day before Easter, that year); the day I was born. Here we are, almost 45 years later, and it's still cold enough for snow, which was falling, but not sticking, on Easter 2007 (Apr. 8th).

I can imagine Al's response: "Global fluctuations in temperature are a sign of instability caused by our production of greenhouse gasses." I have news for him, and his disciples: global fluctuations in temperature are normal. Steady temperatures over any number of years are abnormal. Man's influence on temperatures are marginal, as far as they can be determined.

Mother Nature is saying this. The question is whether we choose to hear it. AlGore clearly doesn't, preferring to serve his "greenie" (or is it "greedy?") masters.

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