Saturday, April 07, 2007

Speaker Pelosi as "Diplomat?"

Speaker Pelosi says that Syria is "willing to talk" to Israel. Didn't she also say that Israel was "ready to talk" to Syria, when she was there? What the hell is she talking about? She mentioned nothing about the "preconditions" to these talks: Israel will not consider any "right of return" for Palestinians, and Syria will not accept Israel "occupying" Palestinian land, including East Jerusalem.

These "stumbling blocks" to the "peace process," as well as many others, are well known. Did she ask President Asad to crack down on anti-semitism, or allow entry to "common" people who have traveled to Israel first? No average traveller or tourist could follow her path, because Syria won't let anyone who's been to Israel into their country, unless they have "diplomatic" priveleges, which Speaker Pelosi enjoys. There is also the question of how so many Al Queda operatives move through Syria, with either fake, or no documentation.

I haven't heard her speak of these, or any specific points from her meeting with Asad. It looks like a bad political ploy, meeting with a man who is enabling the slaughter of US and Iraqi troops, and civillians. She tried to cover her ass by going to Israel first, and then meeting with the son of the late Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri. I wonder if he had a message for her to deliver to President Asad, who is being investigated as a suspect in Hariri's bombing murder. Something like "You'll get yours, just as Saddam did, MF."

Of course, I wouldn't expect Pelosi to deliver that message. She's probably hoping that she will get credit for helping the British hostages get released, and she will get credit, from the far left. These would be the same people who believed Rosie O'Donnel's proclamation that the British Marines' kidnapping was set up by the US, to lead us into a "Gulf of Tonkin"-type resolution, declaring war on Iran.

What purpose did she serve on this trip? She was an easy target for the NY Post, and people like me. She was also a beacon for the Iraq surrender group (ISG) followers. If anything, she showed the futility of talking with the Syrian government. She may be trying to claim some role in any success that the current military "surge" may yield, as well.

It's too late for me to have faith in the Speaker's "good intentions." What she is doing is exactly what the left accuses Bush of, which is "cowboy diplomacy." The only difference is that this heffer's "off the ranch," so to speak. Someone needs to reign her in, before she stirs up more trouble. Then again, I might have to watch her self-destruct, hoping she won't destroy the nation at the same time.

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