Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Mark Steyn rants about intelligence reform, and makes many good points. My favorite is his wrap-up, commenting on how little we get for our $30 BILLION intel spending:

"Anybody who watches cable news or reads an occasional foreign paper would know as much.

How about if that $30 billion was allocated to, say, a program for subsidized bicycling helmets for grade-schoolers or some other federal boondoggle, and they bulldozed Langley, and gave the CIA director 20,000 bucks to put all his agency's global ''analysis'' up on a blog — spook.com — and invite comments from readers around the world? It couldn't possibly be less informed than the CIA's decades-long record of incompetence in the Middle East. U.S. intelligence needs a fresh start, and short of buying ol' Sandypants a larger pair of trousers and getting him to smuggle out every single classified document, it's not clear how it's ever going to get it."

--as it is, there is alot of good info out there in the blogoshere, if it's linked to actual, and preferably multiple press reports. Blogs link to many foreign news stories that the US media downplay. I personaly like certain opinion pieces, as long as the facts are good from that columnist. Mr. Steyn fits that, and his column is a good read this week. The link may not last, so read it soon. I don't know the answer to intel reform, but I like the people Pres. Bush is appointing to the intel agencies (Goss & Negroponte). Maybe they can come up with something more effective than SPOOK.COM!

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