Wednesday, April 20, 2005

KERRY not helped by BENEDICT XVI

John Kerry's Presidential aspirations may be dimmed with the selection of the new Pope. The former Cardinal Ratzenberger sent a letter advising the US Bishops to deny communion to strongly pro-abortion politicians while Kerry was running for President. More Catholics voted for Bush than Kerry last time, by a slight margin. Unless the Republicans nominate Giuliani, or anyone softer than Kerry on abortion, Kerry will do even worse among Catholics. This assumes he can beat Hillary in the Democratic primaries, which is as unlikely as the Republicans nominating any Giuliani-type liberal.

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anthony said...

Hi Chris! Good point! Hell, strict as Benedict XVI is, it would really be a nasty time for Kerry, anyway, i erally like your comments.. pass by my site sometime... post me a note or something.
have a nice day!
- anthony