Monday, April 18, 2005


Pres. Bush is right on Social Security reform, especially private accounts. We'll get private accounts, maybe as an add - on, or extra tax. I would pay it, as I'm confident it would get a better return than Social Security.

Previous Medicare reforms, including the new drug benefits, need re-reforming, being in a more advanced default than Social Security is in.

The President's vision regarding immigration is close to right, but he lacks the political will (or power) to enforce current immigration law, much less propose any new policy. Only an attack through either land border would prompt action on this, if not for the Minutemen.

If the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) was lowered to 19%, and taxpayers were able to pay the LOWER tax rate when compared to the current rate system, it could be a backdoor to a FLAT TAX, according to Stephen Moore of the Club for Growth.

The judicial branch of government will respond as either other branch would to political pressure, and slow down on the amount of legislation from the bench. This will not stop the pressure, now being expressed through the President's Appellate Court apointees. The conflict will go "nuclear" before a Supreme Court nominee is considered by congress.

Representatives Frank & Blunt were on MEET the PRESS, talking about Rep. DeLay. They even made joke about a "frank and blunt discussion," leaving out the DeLay pun. Another missed opportunity. (For those of you who might not get it, the House Ethics comittee Dems are causing a delay in the investigation of DeLay - HA HA!)

It's a shame that when private property rights are such an integral part of our international efforts to spread freedom, we should be degrading them here in the U.S. The government cannot condemn and confiscate private land for other private owners, even if they do business with "the public," and can pay more taxes. Fiscal liberals tend to come down on the wrong side of this one, because of their addiction to higher tax revenues. Enviros are willing to tax us all to death, and have a passionate hatred of land/property ownership in general. This combination has driven real estate prices through the roof in some rural areas as much as the upscale cities like New York, which, by the way, is banning Wal-Mart over their "labor and immigration" problems. A shame indeed.

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