Friday, April 22, 2005


I've heard it said that the Democrats are "Borking" John Bolton. That was just the first step. Step two, as I see it, is closer to the Clarence Thomas hearing, when they got the extension to bring in Anita Hill. Bolton's accuser of misconduct in a Moscow hotel 10 years ago is in the M.O.B. (Mothers Opposed to Bush - a group who put out commercials featuring Edie Falco, who plays Carmella on the Sopranos) leadership. I heard a report that she is "negotiating" (why would she have to do that?) to appear before the Senate comittee.

I'm going to go out on a limb here, and predict he gets confirmation, as Justice Thomas did. I say this because there is one thing I haven't seen in the media: poll numbers on Bolton's popularity. I think the worse they make Bolton look, the more people want him as our UN ambassador. (Luckily, these aren't sexual allegations, or the Dems would bring up the UN sex scandals that they never seem to mention otherwise.) It may be that people dislike Bolton personally, but they probably dislike the UN a whole lot more. The high-minded talk of "our ambassador to the world" wears thin when facing Sudan on the UN Human Rights Comission, and other UN insults to the ideals of freedom.

We may want someone who bangs on doors and throws things at people! - even if that is a total fabrication about Mr. Bolton. I hope the Dems keep stepping in the deep doo-doo, and waste a bunch of political capital on this one. You heard it here first, and I promise an analysis of where I was wrong, if that is the case.

I support John Bolton, because all of his statements about the UN over the years have been proven right. It is time for us to get real when it comes to dealing with this massive, screwed up organization. He is the man to do it. Now is the time.

Tip of the hat to Mona Charen's piece about why the Dems hate Mr. Bolton. She sees the Republicans at fault, which they very well may be, at least in part. It's linked in the title.


Rosemary said...

Governor-turned-Senator Voinovich is out of office as soon as his term is up. He didn't even show up at the hearings! How dare he! I am so freakin' angry at him and all the Republicans.

For the first time, they hung up on me when they were asking for money. I told them I would only give money to men with balls. Gee, do you think I upset someone? lol, I don't care. lol.

Chris said...

Thats funny, Rosemary! I talked to a Republican fundraiser from Texas, and told him how disgraceful I felt the NY Republican Party is, and that they should be thankful just for my vote at this point, much less ask for money from me!

Rosemary said...

Good one, Chris. At this point, I couldn't agree more. I want to create a Conservative Party. What do you think? I bet it's the only third party that could ACTUALLY get enough VOTES to put people in office! lol

Chris said...

I was wrong about Bolton getting Senate confirmation. In my analysis of my flaws, I cite the Dem's intrangisence as the predominant factor. I would further cite certain weak-spined congressional leaders in both houses for not standing up, including that jackass Voinovich. I have to suspect that he was politically blackmailed, after watching his blubbering performance on the Senate floor. There's no way he could care that much about who is the U.N. Ambassador. On the bright side, Dick Morris sees Bolton as becoming so much more popular than Voinovich after a year and a half as ambassador, that he could beat the Senator in his next primary race, if he could run for it. There may be a later time for Amb. Bolton to get his vote in the Senate yet, so I still may be proved right regarding this confirmation.