Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I have heard three somewhat vague reports, on CNN, FOXNEWS, and the NY POST, that it was actually a Guantanamo detainee who tore out pages of his government issued Koran and used them to clog his toilet in protest (of what, nothing was reported). If he's a Saudi, Afghani or Pakistani, why aren't those governments demanding he be turned over to face the death penalty under their laws? Why aren't the crowds in Islamic countries, and the Palestinian Authority turning on the phony "jihaddist" thugs who claim all manners of terrorist atrocities in Allah's name? Well, there's that little matter of Newsweek reporting that US servicemen flushed a Koran down the toilet as an interrogation technique. This sounds suspiciously like Washington "coctail party" gossip that got twisted into a "one anonymous source" news story, attempting to damage the Bush administration. I picture some addled-brained, but "high placed" bureaucrat, confusing or distorting the facts, and passing it on to some eager journalists with their own agenda. I truly believe that none involved expected the reaction in the Muslim world over something that is perfectly legal to do in our secular society, just not by military interrogators. If the report of a detainee actually doing this is true, I hope that Newsweek and the other MSM outlets take the time to report the facts.

One wishes the media would be onboard with exposing the hypocrisy of Zarqawi, Osama, the Palestinian Authority, and the Al Queda terrorists as traitors to their own faith, as well as criminals who slaughter more Muslims than us "western infidels" ever have, or will. Only then will the tide be turned from the "why do they hate us?" mentality to a "how do we defeat them?" line of thinking among liberals. The discrediting of Newsweek can be a step in the right direction, if they learn from this mistake. The media has downplayed the retraction, but couldn't shut it totally out, after their coverage of the riots the initial story caused. Now all of these media outlets need to make reparations for the abuses they have perpetrated on the public with their sympathetic coverage of Palestinian, Iraqi and Taliban terrorists; Gitmo detainees; domestic fundraisers for, or operatives of terrorist organizations. Remember, media and political pressure led to the release of several Gitmo detainees, and some have returned to commit further terrorist acts. I hope this lesson is not lost on Newsweek and others, and maybe they will use their first amendment rights to investigate the terrorists as deeply as they investigate the US military.

Here are four more columns about the Newsweek story from Michelle Malkin, Linda Chavez, Brent Bozell, and Thomas Sowell.

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Rosemary said...

I remember that almost a couple years ago! The MSM depends on the short term memory of Americans. For shame.