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What do China and Wafah Dufour have to do with Dubai? The Chinese government has a controlling interest in a large percentage of US ports, since the 1990's. Wafah Dufour is the neice of Osama Bin Laden, trying to make a career as an entertainer in the US.

China's government has a 50-year plan to eliminate the US, or surpass us in geopolitical power. They want to do this covertly, in a sophisticated way. Ms. Dufour's uncle, while currently hiding in a cave, has spearheaded the pre-eminent threat to the US and worldwide security since the end of the cold war. In the face (and threat) of his power and influence, she has taken refuge in our Hollywood culture. (Yes, the same one that I disparage here so often)

Dubai's situation has similarities to both; first, it's a state-owned company, like the Chinese companiies. Second, the "family member" who's a terrorist, like poor Ms. Dufour.

First, in a monarchy, family members actually get political positions out of birthright, regardless of their political beliefs. This leads some to worry that the alliance of that country may change, or that it may have a 5th column (that's terrorist supporters, for the MSM followers).

Britain has elected as heinous individuals as birthed by any Middle East monarchy.

Exhibit one: British MP George Galloway, who was caught receiving money in the Saddam-UN Oil-For-Food Scandal. He was elected, but does he represent all of Britain? Hardly, yet he continues to speak as if his voice is that of the British government. He recently had to apologize for some antics on a British reality show, but that was just to lighten up his image. He didn't apologize for hating Britain as much as his Islamist constituents hate him, even as he fights for their right to destroy Britain.

Dubai probably has more political "Princes" that think like George Galloway than Britain does, for sure. If Galloway was open enough to have his photo taken with Uday Hussein, I'm sure that also applies to a few of Dubai's political Princes. They must be a minority, because so much western influence is permitted there. This is where China and Wafah come in...

We have all but buried Communism, and yet China, and their puppet North Korea, continue to threaten us with nuclear attack, if we don't "go with the flow" of their long-term plans. Think about the recent history of our relations with China: Nixon re-opens "constructive" contact with China; China allows the sale of Coca-Cola, translating it as "tastes happy"; US opens relations with China, foremost in education; China massacres thousands of students at Tianamen square, tearing down a sculpture modeled on the Statue of Liberty; China accepts limited free-market economic reforms, but no political reform; China pays off high US government and private sector officials; China gains 20 years of nuclear and missile technology advancement; China buys operation of the Panama Canal, as well as most of the port of Long Beach, CA, among many others nationwide; China sponsors the "6-party talks" to stop North Korea from developing nuclear weapons.

Some faction of the Chinese government is a certifiable enemy of the West, the U.S, and all that we stand for. The anti-US faction in Dubai is smaller, as is that nation's investment in our ports. I would gamble on them before the Chi-Coms, who are already in the door, without incidents, in the short term. If Osama has infiltrated Dubai Ports, we'll find out sooner than any Chinese threat will be manifested, unless China supports Al-Queda.

Wafah Darfour is exactly the opposite. She embraces all we in the West stand for, even if some may find her music or photo offensive. I'm sure no-one in the west is as mad as Osama is about the photo above (apologies for lack of credits, but I saved it some time ago). This woman has taken a definitive stand in the war on terror, and it's not with her uncle. This may be one reason Hollywood has yet to embrace her fully.

There is more to this, and it also relates to the Dubai ports deal. Hollywood may be uncomfortable to embrace "Bin Laden's niece," just as politicians are uncomfortable embracing "Dubai" running port operations. The difference is security, but for what? Let's be (un) serious for a moment: Wafah could smuggle in a suitcase nuclear bomb as easily as DP World can. For that matter, China has had the capacity to do that for years, and probably will continue to, whether DP gets the ports deal or not.

The question is: Would they? The answer is: PROBABLY NOT, BUT NO-ONE KNOWS.

This is how Hollywood is treating Ms. Dufour. This is how we are treating Dubai. This is not how we are treating China, and Galloway still isn't in jail.

One politician like George Galloway in Britain seems like a joke, but enough political leaders that think like him in ANY country is dangerous. See France for an example, or the political reactions to the cartoon controversy around the world.

Four more questions:

What will happen to Wafah's career? What will happen to the Dubai ports deal? If it's rejected, will China be expelled from our ports as well? Will Galloway go to jail, finally? This is all still unknown.

PS: If Pres. Bush was the terrorist he is accused of being, he would have used suitcase bombs on the nations that the US opposes, like Iran, Syria, and North Korea. They must know that we have the capability to do this, and the threat must be as real to the leaders of those regimes as it is to the citizens of the US, and all other western countries.


This post was all about putting a photo of Osama's niece on my website, with some thoughts thrown in. I reserve the right to say that I meant the opposite of anything I said in this post, but will stand behind it 100 %, either way. That's 'cause I might be 100% wrong.

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