Friday, March 31, 2006


Let me preface this post with this image from the Peace Moonbeam Chronicles. Howdy Doody lives!


Hat tip to Rush Limbaugh, for the take on Kennedy that inspired this post.

Sen. Ted Kennedy wants to make illegal immigrants the subject of the Dems' next "civil rights" crusade. I say let him, if he can so easily dismiss the concern of so many millions of Americans who were repulsed by the recent protests, including most Black "African-Americans." (as opposed to some white African-Americans, like Tereza Heinz) Ms. Malkin has great a post about the protests. I should give the protesters credit for also waving US flags, though fewer than Mexican flags, but I can't. A guest on O'reilly compared it to the St. Patrick's day parade. The ugly part wasn't shown widely, to say the least.

This is Kennedy playing the same note that both Hillary and Chuck (Schumer- the other NY Senator) played a few weeks ago, when they both appeared in front of Irish groups. (Hat tip BobG.) Let's just say it isn't a coincidence. Go into any Irish pub in NYC, and you'll find illegal Irish wait staff, and illegal Mexican dishwashers, busboys and cooks. The Irish have even more of a vested interest in this whole "illegal" debate.

The Irish have been beneficiaries of politicians (like Kennedy) for years, getting preferential regulations for Irish immigrants; ones that are easier to skirt than for most other immigrant/visitors. Now, the Mexicans/Central Americans are seeking parity with the Irish immigrants, and using that as a "civil rights" action, or a "race based preference" as a cause. The difference is that Mexicans don't have the political power of the Irish lobby yet, though they are a huge potential constituency, in Ted, Hil, and Chuck's eyes. That's their ticket back to the majority!

Meanwhile, the Republicans worry about losing the Latino vote. They shouldn't. They shouldn't accept half-a-loaf on this issue, as they did under Reagan. I say three-quarters of a loaf will suffice. Further ideas on this reform bill coming up in future posts. This is the teaser: it will also relate to my post outlining the illegal immigration debate.

To wrap this all up, if Kennedy wants to "supplant" African Americans with Mexican or Latino Americans in the Democrat party, who am I to stop him? I'm a Republican, not a racist. Further, how long will it be until a majority of Mexican-Americans will support building the wall? Once the workers here illegally are "documented," and declared legal in some way, they will have to assimilate, whether they want to or not. I think that the tipping point is already passed in the Latino population, not to mention well passed by the Irish. Kennedy looks like a priveledged Irishman trying to further exploit class differences for his party's benefit.

I don't support Ted Kennedy's proposal. McCain is the front Republican collaborating on this reflexive, backward-looking legislation proposed in the Senate. Let's see what comes out of the House-Senate conference. This debate is just heating up here at LEAVWORLD, after the first few rounds of rhetorical bloviating on the subject, most of which I've ignored.

A final hypothetical question, if I bought the racial point of view: Why was the Spanish conquest of South America somehow superior to the Franco-Anglo conquest of North America? Why would Anglos give up territory to Latinos, who are descendants of another European power?

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Chris said...

PS: Ted Kennedy may preside over the mass exodus of Blacks to the Republican party, as well as a higher percentage of Latino Republicans...if he follows this course.

BobG said...

You hit the nail on the head, Chris. Kennnedy family money was made by breaking the laws of this country and he is a disgrace to the God fearing Irish who contributed to this country legally. No wonder he wants to garner votes from more law breakers.