Friday, March 10, 2006


Apologies for the one day delay, but work demands come first.

I have a question for the ACLU, and for Fox News' Andrew Napolitano Are they lumping "searches that are made to look like break-ins" with covert operations to plant bugs, or computer taps? I have a problem with the former, but not with the latter. I know the ACLU to be against any searches, but Judge Napolitano's take on the Patriot Act startles me. If he is correct in his estimation of the abuses permitted under it, then I hope the re-authorization corrected the problems he cited.

I don't think that the ACLU sees the deeper reasons for following up on every lead in terrorism investigations. Do they know about every threat to every citizen of the U.S? I don't mind if the government sees my computer trail, if it helps to find a potential terrorist.

There have been more than a handful of "lone wolf" terrorist actions over the last 10-20 years, including the Empire State Building shooting, the Brooklyn Bridge shooting, the El-Al - L.A. airport shooting. Let's not forget the most recent attack, by an Iranian graduate of UNC, with degrees in Philosophy and Psychology. He tried to kill 9 people with his SUV, and told the police that it was a politically motivated crime. With intent to kill, that should be defined as terrorism.

I've had about enough of this crap! The ACLU is working to protect potential terrorists' rights to plan more attacks right under our noses. This worries me more than the Dubai ports deal (Still, it only takes one nuke to change that opinion). Port security is a very serious matter, but if the ACLU defends terrorists already, I wouldn't count on them helping to avert ANY terrorist attack, large or small.

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