Tuesday, March 21, 2006


This one deserves to be more widely publicized:

MOM TURNS IN SUBWAY "MUGGER." --NY POST print edition (it might be online, but they have registration, so a link would be lame here, anyway.)

A teen gunman who carried out a string of brutal Bronx subway-station robberies was busted yesterday - after his mom turned him in, law-enforcement sources said.

The mother acted a day after cops released a photo of Brian Ballard, 18, saying he was suspected of five robberies at three stations in the Melrose section in the last two months.

Ballard was arrested at his mother's house on Evergreen Ave. in the Soundview section, the sources said.

The teen, who has prior arrests for criminal trespassing, possession of marijuana and robbery, punched and mugged riders inside the stations, police said. --Erika Martinez.

Moral: In this home, mother knows best.

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