Monday, March 27, 2006


I feel it only proper to give props to Dr, Sanity's Carnival of the Insanities, which linked to LEAVWORLD in the third link of the 21st item of their most recent "carnival" post.

Mostly as a tribute, but also because I'm lazy, I am pasting their whole post in an INSANE way, but please still click on all of the links. The ones I have read already all are great, or funny, or both.

1. Antiwar, but Pro-Mercedes! Suggesting that we should make cars, not war perhaps?2. A case of identification with the aggressor? Meanwhile real women are escaping the wreckage; while Yale rewards the wreckers. (hat tip: JAJ)3. Property of the state. Soon it will be just numbers.4. Racism may take many shapes, but appeasement requires only two letters: UN.5. Perhaps they aren't "whiny" but they are jobless...6. How do you say "shocked!" in French? More shocking news.7. An outbreak of discretion in the MSM? Or just trying to hide some uncomfortable facts? Things like this tend to make me puke.8. A Mediocre Media Carnival? It will surely be innundated with entries!9. 29 Reasons Why America Sucks...10 . Sounds like the investment worked.11. You don't bring her flowers and she'd like to know why. Leave her a comment, you cad!12. Vietnam provides some perspective on Iraq (really!); and here's someone who provides us with the MSM's perspective on terrorists.13. Stealing language and Trademarking the word "the".14. The etymology of moonbaticus americanus, commonly referred to as a "moonbat".15. Whatever you do, don't get trapped in this "web of love"!16. The latest in paranoid chic on the antiwar circuit. Oh, wait! I meant antiwar fashion chic17. The Poison Ivy League?18. Yummy! And they're in season!19. So, if she doesn't take this job, does that mean she's going to run?20. Poetic justice for an overly clever lawyer!21. Out of the mouths of [Hollywood] babes ... out of the mouths of "credible sources"; and finally, out of the mouths of babies.22. Ramsey Clark has just won this prestigious award! Good for him.23. Looking for Mr. Goodsperm.24. Research (?) into the habits of modern college students.25. People get drunk in bars? Who would have predicted that? Perhaps they are waging a pre-emptive war?Carnival of the Insanities can also be found at The Truth Laid Bear's √úberCarnival.

Thank you. Dr. Sanity! You rock, and I hope to actually submit something to you in the future, though I'm glad that you mentioned me without an actual submission. I'm also glad to be noticed by you, because you probably have more readers than MSNBC has viewers, and I dissed them when they mentioned me. LOL!


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