Monday, February 04, 2008


Eight years ago, I signed a petition to get John McCain on the NY Republican primary ballot. I supported George W. Bush, but I wanted a fair primary, and the NYS Republican party didn't. This year, there is no such controversy, and all GOP candidates are on the ballot.

It is a difficult choice, between Romney and NcCain. I was offended by McCain-Feingold, as well as Mac's "pro-amnesty" position on illegal immigration. Those are the two major reasons I am voting for Mitt Romney on Feb. 5th, though he's not favored to win in NY.

I will vote for either one of these fine gentlemen, if they are the GOP nominee. I'll just be holding my nose tighter if it's McCain. Anna's voting for Hillary, come hell, or high water. The GOP really has to "step up" this year, if we want to win the general election.

I say the GOP should take a page from the NY GIANTS' book, and beat the odds! We're the underdogs, politically, and anything can happen on Tuesday. Good luck to both Mitt and John!

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