Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Here's an update to my last post (OBAMA "Robbed" In NYS Primary), starting with an excerpt from Tuesday's NY Post:

Doug Kellner, the Democratic co-chair of the state Board of Elections, said a report that Obama received not a single vote in about 80 of the city’s 6,106 election districts was no reason to suspect a conspiracy.

Kellner attributed the wrong figures to transcription errors by cops who
recorded and transmitted the data on primary night — and, he noted, they’d committed similar goofs before.

Hillary Rodham Clinton had the first position on voting-machine ballots. Obama was way over in the fifth position. In between were Bill Richardson, Joe Biden and John Edwards, with Dennis Kucinich in the sixth spot. All but Clinton and Obama had dropped out, but too late to have their names removed.

Kellner figures that when the other four received no votes, those zeroes
often mistakenly ended up under Obama’s name.

"The way the ballot was laid out," he said, "the likelihood of a zero’s
going in the Obama column was a lot greater than a zero’s going in the Clinton column."

OK, so how did Clinton register 0 votes in several districts, when she actually got "hundreds?" I love the line about the "cops" being at fault. That's a surefire way of deflecting blame. Also, where, when, and how many times has it happened before? Some documentation might help, but this story is going to fade fast, I now believe. Let's hope I'm wrong.

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