Friday, May 27, 2005


On Jan 30th of this year, I wrote a post attacking Bill Moyers' hypocracy. The final line was "It seems that 'he doth protest too much', and from the clearest of glass houses." Boy, was I ahead of the curve. I should have written "he has not yet begun to protest," because he was just warming up.

This week's columns by Ann Coulter and John McCaslin (2nd item in his column) both mention Moyers' latest rants, and the picture they paint is not flattering. Moyers apparently sees himself as a target of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's new chairman, Ken Tomlinson. This is strange, considering that Moyers ended his affiliation with them when he stepped down from his role at PBS, which is partially funded by the CPB. Having watched Mr. Tomlinson explain his desire to provide more balanced programming by adding shows that are produced by conservatives, I can say with confidence that he is not "targeting," or trying to silence any point of view. If anything, Moyers' opposition to adding conservative political programs to the PBS schedule is nothing more than a brazen attempt to squelch free speech that he disagrees with.

Another thing about Moyers bothers me. Why did he resign just after he launched his own self-titled show(Bill Moyers' NOW)? Did he forsee this coming "conservative attack," or was he just covering his ass in case of any fallout over his abuse of taxpayer funding over all those years? It seems too easy for him to fall back on the old "political persecution" routine, while he continues a decades long pattern of persecution against conservatives. Read the stuff I linked to, and decide for yourself about this guy. Even better, see Moyers' legacy at the NOW show's website. Even without Bill Moyers, the liberal slant is there. This is what Mr. Tomlinson seeks to address, not by silencing shows like this, but by adding new (and probably more popular) ones.

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