Thursday, May 05, 2005


Chuck Colson has another excellent column about North Korea (linked in title). Those who think I exaggerate when I call the whole country a concentration camp should read his column, and I also recommend Christopher Hitchens' piece linked below. Mr. Colson also puts out a list of good links with alot of info on this horrible country. For further reading and information:

Today’s BreakPoint offer: Information on North Korea—North Korea fact sheet and Ideas for College Campus Awareness Campaigns (from the North Korea Freedom Coalition).
Visit this page on the State Department website to learn how to contact Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.
Support John Bolton, champion of human rights and religious freedom, as UN Ambassador.
Learn more about what the Wilberforce Forum did during North Korea Freedom Week.
Christopher Hitchens, “Worse than 1984: North Korea, slave state,” Slate, 2 May 2005.
See BreakPoint’s issues and research page on North Korea.
Kate Harris, “Rescue the Perishing, Care for the Dying: The Justice We Must Pursue,” BreakPoint WorldView, January/February 2004.
Kristin Wright, “A Foothold in the Regions of Misery: Human Rights in North Korea,” BreakPoint Online, 9 January 2003.
BreakPoint Commentary No. 050113, “‘Acts of God’ and Acts of Man: Turning Away.”
Stand Today is an organization dedicated to speaking out on behalf of persecuted Christians worldwide.
Chuck Colson is founder and chairman of BreakPoint Online, a member group.

This is shocking stuff, and it needs to be more widely publicized. Write to your representatives, or Secretary of State Rice. North Korea doen't need to be contained. It needs regime change, and that will not happen from within.


Rosemary said...

Sorry it took so long, but I am getting right on it today. I know some of the conditions there.

I also know that China is a big factor in why those factors remain the same. As long as we keep our eyes on them, we will not see the war machine building up in China!

They have been moving into Panama, Carribean, Cuba, Venazula, and Sudan. Do you notice anything? They are all of our hot spots, oil, and/or canals! What if we need to get to Taiwan? Hmm?

Back to NK, I have been following the people, and I think it is a crime against humanity that the world closes it's eyes. I am disgusted with them. Condi was right and John Bolton was right when they condemn NK for the way they run the country. He is a little dictator who starves and tortures and murders his people. I wonder when we're going to hear anything from the left? Hmm??? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Sorry I took up so much space, but you hit a sore spot. :)

Rosemary said...

What? No trackback? Hehehe.

Chris said...

Rosemary, you are again 100 percent RIGHT about China. They are the next logical foe after Al-Queda, though they are creeping up on us worldwide! As you wrote, they are a much graver threat than most US citizens perceive. No. Korea is their nexus with the axis of terrorists, to be frank. Pres. Bush was right about his "axis of evil," except that he left about 10 countries off of the list! STAY STRONG, AND KEEP FIGHTING FOR RIGHT!