Friday, May 06, 2005


Michael Ledeen's latest column gives excellent examples of how deeply Iran is involved in worldwide terrorism, from Iraq to Michigan, USA. His conclusion that we are back to a "Sep. 10th" mindset is debatable, but what's going on in Iran shouldn't be. Here are some excerpts:

"A few months ago, American forces in Iraq captured photographs and documents about a meeting in Syria between Iraqi terrorists and Syrian and Iranian intelligence officials. Similar information was found in Fallujah."

"The (Iranian, Saudi and Syrian) terror masters hoped and expected that they would be able to turn Iraq into a replay of Lebanon in the 1980s, when they drove American and French armed forces out of the country. But they have failed. Contrary to their hopes and expectations, we — and the Iraqi people — have not been spooked by the wave of terror, and the Iraqis have demonstrated grit, bravery, and patience far beyond most "

"Two weeks ago there were massive demonstrations and work stoppages in the oil-rich regions, centering around the city of Ahwaz (Iran). The demonstrators called for an end to the regime, scores of people were killed, and hundreds were beaten and arrested."

"The trickery has to do with Rafsanjani's grand return to national politics (he is an ex-president). He intends to campaign as the anti-establishment candidate par excellence, and has reportedly connived with Khamenei to prepare a super-reformist image. Rafsanjani intends to run against the Supreme Leader, criticizing the regime's performance on everything from foreign policy (hoping to seduce the West into thinking that he — who has been a key figure in the mullahcracy for decades — will produce the long awaited 'opening' to the United States) to the management of the economy. It is unlikely that many Iranians will fall for this; they remember Rafsanjani as one of the most brutal leaders of the vicious crackdown on the student demonstration of the late eighties (a story recounted in shocking detail in the memoirs of the Grand Ayatollah Montazeri), and they are aware of the billions that he and his family have reportedly stashed away in foreign banks and real estate."

"In early March, Mr. Mahmoud Youssef Kourani, a resident of Dearborn, Michigan, pled guilty to providing material support to Hezbollah.... We're talking about the brother of the chief of Hezbollah's military security in Lebanon, a man trained as an agent by the Iranians."

Iran, while nowhere near as oppressive as North Korea internally, has much greater power and influence worldwide. I can't say which is the greater threat, only that they both must be dealt with soon. If you read this and the last post, you will note that none of the reasons I cited for regime change have anything to do with nuclear weapons. If either of these regimes gets a nuclear bomb, odds are that they will use it eventually, perhaps as these regimes draw their last gasps.


Rosemary said...

I know about some of the information Michael provided. I have been keeping up, if I didn't tell you already, with Counter Terrorism. It is a very good site to check out. Thank you for the info.

How are you doing? I am well, thank you. :) Have a day.

Rosemary said...

Have a GREAT day. :)