Sunday, May 15, 2005


This excerpt from the AP reminds me of a drawing (link here and above) I did on 04/24/03:

"Operation Matador, which began late Saturday, was launched after U.S. intelligence showed that followers of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi had taken refuge in the desert border region _ believed to be a haven for smugglers and foreign fighters entering Iraq from Syria. Many of the insurgents were believed to have fled to remote parts of Anbar province after losses in Fallujah and Ramadi, farther east."

"As many as 100 insurgents were killed in the first 48 hours of the offensive as U.S. troops cleared villages along the southern banks of the meandering Euphrates River, then crossed in rafts and on a pontoon bridge, the U.S. command said. Many of the dead remained trapped under rubble after attack planes and helicopter gunships pounded their hideouts."

"At least three Marines were reported killed and 20 wounded in the first four days of the offensive _ the biggest U.S. operation since Fallujah was taken from militants six months ago.
'They came here to die,' it quoted Marine Gunnery Sgt. Chuck Hurley as saying. 'They were willing to stay in place and die with no hope. All they wanted was to take us with them.' "

Also see my three "Warrior W" sketches, recently added to my political art post. While rough sketches, they have relevant current political insights, much as the piece linked in the title does.

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