Friday, May 20, 2005

A Study of the Palestinian Authority’s Promotion of Genocide: KILL A JEW, GO TO HEAVEN

I've spoken out against the Palestinian Authority often before, especially when it was controlled by Yasser Arafat. As Cal Thomas' latest column shows, things haven't changed under this new leader, Mahmoud Abbas. I don't think the average US citizen can understand the depth of the cancer in the roots of this society. The link in the outrageous title of this post leads to, and was adapted from a Palestinian Media Watch website. This site translates stories, cartoons, and even crossword puzzles from state-sponsored Palestinian media. See for yourself, and maybe you can understand why they must be included in the list of international terrorist organizations. Whether they are capable of spreading terrorism outside Israel and the surrounding countries is irrelevant. Worse than Saddam, the Palestinian Authority shares Al Queda's ideology; this is not a state we want to help bring into existence. I'm sure people said the same about Israel, but this place is very different, and much more dangerous than Israel was at it's modern inception. Read your history, and see the difference. Palestine was declared a nation at the same time as Israel, only to be wiped from the map within days. The blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the surrounding Arab regimes, as well as the UN and the US for their acquiescence. This applies to the history since 1948, too, with the UN and EU emerging as major enablers of the PA under Arafat. The Israelis are not the Palestinians' oppressors. The corrupt PA leadership fills that role, and they are stooges for every other nation in the region that opposes Israel's existence.

Maybe we could have an unofficial trade-off: a free Iraq and Lebannon for a new terrorist Palestinian state, at least until Syria and Iran go democratic. Egypt could turn democratic more peacefully than either of those countries, while Saudi Arabia might be in the early stages of a civil war against the Wahabbis. If change for the better can happen, hopefully we have started it in Iraq. We definitely shook up the terrorist PA's support, but obviously not enough for a true democratic leader to emerge from this political and cultural sewer.

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Rosemary said...

I agree. I have always agreed. I was against the Oslo Accords. Did you know that Abbas hired a terrorist as his leader of security? What a mess. I just hope we're there to clean up the mess we are creating. What a shame. What a sin.